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Wolverine Single Sideband Net

The Wolverine Single Sideband Net meets every night of the week on 3.935 mhz starting at 2300 UTC. We welcome everyone to visit our net. Also, you are invited to join the pre-net group which will start 2200 UTC where topics of interest are discussed, and humor abounds.

The next WSSBN award is The International Coffee Day award on September 29, 2015!

Our Primary WSSBN Contacts are:

N8DC  - Net Manager
K8TAS  - Membership Manager

Regular Net Control Stations

Monday: DJ - VA3KBC
Tuesday: Jack - N8ABY
Wednesday: Mel - NM8L
Friday: Jim - N8DQU
Saturday: Larry - W8WR
Sunday: John - N8RRI

Alternate Control Stations

Dave - N8DC
Tas - K8TAS
Doris - K8DXJ

And The WSSBN Station of the Year is…

 2014 - VA3KBC, DJ

2013 - K8TAS, TAS & K8DXJ, Doris
2012 - N8DC, Dave
2011 - W8WR, Larry


2015 Wolverine SSBN Picnic

This years picnic is going to be on August 30th at Charleton Park from 11am until about 4:30pm.  The park is located in Hastings, Michigan.  You can click here for a map and get directions.

2015 Wolverine Travel Mugs

Mugs can be pre-purchased from Doris or can be paid for at the Picnic on August 30th.

Wolverine Classified Ads are now available

We have set up a new area just for buying and selling amateur radio equipment.  There is a new link in the menu on the left called "Classified ads" which takes you to the new area.  If you have anything you would like to buy or sell, please contact Tas Foley, K8TAS with your information.

May 2015

Dave in the usergroup ‘Regular’

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the so so May weather we have had. I am a little late on the blog as I got busy around here and forgot again.

Dayton weekend is upon us and I am traveling down on Friday again this year unless it looks like Saturday might be a better day weather wise. Just a one day trip for me anymore.  I really don't spent a lot of time looking in every little box and under every table in the swap meet so a day works fine.

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