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Good evening and welcome all Amateurs and Short-Wave Listeners everywhere.

This is (YOUR CALLSIGN) and my name is (YOUR NAME) located in (CITY & STATE), and I will be your control station for this evenings session of the Wolverine Single Sideband Net.  You don’t have to be a member to check into our net.  Everyone is welcome.

This net meets every night of the week on this frequency 3935 at this time 2300UTC and prenet starts at 2200 UTC.

The purpose of this net is to promote good fellowship among radio operators.

If you would like to be a member of the Wolverine Single Sideband Net, the requirements are…4 check-ins a month for 3 consecutive months.  After meeting these requirement, please e-mail or send your list to K8TAS – Tas who is good on  You must have the check in date and the net control callsign.  Make sure it is the net control station and not the pre-net list taker because sometimes they are different..  We suggest that you send more than the required checkins just in case of discrepancy.  We have a nice net certificate for new members.  Info about the net and the monthly awards are available on our website at

I currently have on the prenet list the following stations by suffix….
Did I miss anyone on the prenet list?
Are there any Mobiles?
Are there any announcements?
Are there any short time?
I will take general checkins at this time, please call (YOUR CALLSIGN)
(go back to the top of the list and take comments)

I would like to thank everyone who checked into the net tonight.

This is (YOUR CALLSIGN) your net host from (CITY & STATE) now closing this evening’s edition of the wonderful wolverine single sideband net.  Good night and 73 to all.

WSSBN Preamble for Download

WSSBN Preamble for Download

Added February 17th 2017

Here is a downloadable copy of the WSSBN Preamble for you to print out at your convenience.