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Wolverine Single Sideband Net

The Wolverine Single Sideband Net meets every night of the week on 3.935 mhz starting at 2300 UTC. We welcome everyone to visit our net. Also, you are invited to join the pre-net group which will start 2200 UTC where topics of interest are discussed, and humor abounds.


The next WSSBN Award is:

 Labor Day   
To be awarded on September 3, 2018.

Our Primary WSSBN Contacts are:

K8TAS - Membership Manager
W8TRU - Net Manager
W8CSX - Assistant Net Manager
K8DXJ - Award Manager
K8DPB - Webmaster

Regular Net Control Stations

Monday: ** 
Tuesday: Brian - W8TRU
Wednesday: **
Thursday: John - W8CSX 
Friday: Chris - N8CAL 
Saturday: Judi - N8UWH
Sunday: Harold - KE8AVT 

Alternate Control Stations

Tas - K8TAS
Doris - K8DXJ
Brian - W8TRU


** We are in need of volunteers for Net Control for these days.

We are also in need of someone to do Pre-net on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays!
If interested please contact either Brian (W8TRU) or Tas (K8TAS).

Some of your WSSBN Crew: John, Doris, Tas, and Brian

And The WSSBN Station of the Year is…

2017 - W8TRU, Brian

2016 - W8AAT, John
2015 - N8RRI, John
2014 - VA3KBC, DJ
2013 - K8TAS, TAS & K8DXJ, Doris
2012 - N8DC, Dave
2011 - W8WR, Larry

Wolverine Coffee Mugs

Mugs can be purchased from Tas or Doris at any time

                                                       WSSBN Mug

Upcoming Events - 

The Wolverine Annual Picnic will be Sunday, August 26.

  • Picnic starts at noon, please let Brian, Tas or Doris know if you are attending and how many so we can purchase the food and drink. 
  • There is a minimum donation of $5.00 per person like in the past. 
  • It is always a fun time to meet and or see our fellow Wolverines again. 
  • You can let us know by e-mail, phone or of course on 3.935 during pre-net or during the net. Hope to see you on Aug 26th.
  • Talk-In:  147.340 PL 100



The picnic this year will be held at 2321 Branch Road, Flint, MI. 48506